So excited to have my prosthetic! Having only one leg for 7 months made it even sweeter to get to start walking again. It’s amazing to think that I was able to get one of the best prosthetics and all the possibilities and opportunities I will have because of it. I am looking forward to doing things I haven’t done in over 15 years!

Starting to walk with a prosthetic isn’t easy! Every step takes thought and effort and does not feel the most natural and comfortable. I have a lot to figure out and learn but I am excited about the progress I already see. I am so grateful for all the amputees I have met and talked to that are going about their lives with hardly a second thought to having a prosthetic. God knew I was going to need that encouragement before surgery and now as I work through the hard part of adjusting to my new leg. I have met so many people that have inspired me, not letting their circumstances or limitations keep them down but have persevered and overcome the obstacles and challenges they faced.

When I was in the hospital the kids came up with things I would be able to do when I got my leg. They wrote it on post it notes and put them on a poster board.  As I took some of my first steps at home with the kids watching, Jewel my daughter, ran out the of room and came back with the one that said “walk without crutches” and one of my favorites “look cool”. We thank God for His answered prayer!

Sometimes trials and struggles seem to never end. The wait is so hard and God doesn’t answer the way we want and in our time frame. We prayed for years that I would be out of pain and God answered that. He used an amputation, not exactly what we were thinking but it’s all good. I got my prosthetic that costs $107,000 and we didn’t have to pay a penny of it! I would have liked to start walking sooner but I can trust in God’s perfect timing even when He didn’t show us the reason for the wait.  He will always provide all I need, that’s His promise. This hasn’t been easy but God has shown up for us time and time again, He is always Faithful.  What brings peace and joy to my heart is to remember His great love for me and that He knows EVERYTHING that is going on.

As I get to move forward and start this part of the journey I am excited to see how God will continue to use this in my life, my family’s lives and those I meet.


P.S. I named my leg “Genie” after it’s official name Genium:) IMG_3427 (2)