Excerpt from my journal on Oct. 24thGod reminded me so sweetly today to continue to wait patiently on Him. Trust Him even when I can’t see the end of “the story”. That is what faith is, believing and trusting in Him when I don’t understand, when I can’t see the outcome.

This week I spoke with the insurance company and found out that the process of getting my prosthetic was going to take longer than what we had anticipated.  I am so ready to have two legs again! I thought by now I would have started physical therapy and be on my way to walking again.

As I was struggling again with the waiting patiently part, my daughter and I were on our way to church and I needed to stop at Dollar General to get something. While we were there I noticed a man on crutches that had an amputation and we waved across the store to each other. I have found over these last 5 months that when I am out and see other amputees there is an instant connection. A door is open that allows instant communication and friendship. We began to talk and I heard some of his tragic story. I was inspired at his determination to not let his amputation get him down. He was still working in construction taping and floating sheetrock!!  He was not wearing a prosthetic but a friend had ordered him one online and they were going to have to do some work on it so he could use it. Wow, just when I was feeling down and discouraged God knew I needed to meet this guy. I was also able to talk to him about God’s love for Him and invite him and his daughter to church.

Once again God sent that much needed reminder that there is more to my story than what I see at the moment. My sweet Heavenly Father provided the encouragement I needed for the day and showed me so clearly that He is using this in my life and others and to keep trusting and waiting on Him.


Trying out my prosthetic, I can't wait to bring it home!

Trying on my prosthetic, can’t wait to bring it home!!